Flowing and Revolving.

Rivers and Revolutions is more than a class or a classroom, it’s a community. A culture of trust, collaboration and support between all members of the learning community (students and teachers alike), allows for intellectual growth. Making mistakes, making messes, taking intellectual and creative risks, offering positive and constructive feedback, asking for help – these are the markers of a healthy learning community. A learning community that can simultaneously realize and build individual confidence and collective potential.

Rivers and Revolutions is an educational program for students at Concord Carlisle High School. For one semester, a diverse group of juniors and seniors come together to form a cohort of 50 students. The program invites and supports all types of learners.





The program’s curriculum is comprised of five academic disciples – Math, Science, English, Social Studies and the Arts – all of which compliment one another and generate multiple access points for different types of learners. Each cohort investigates a series of topics such as rivers, revolutions, air, fire and love in order to collectively build greater understanding of the world around us. Classroom learning extends out into local organizations and businesses, cultural institutions, and outdoor spaces. Shared experiences and practical applications make learning possible and memorable.


Students are asked to discover and make original connections across multiple academic disciplines and between various personal perspectives, which leads to complex thinking and sophisticated world-views. Hands-on, creative and collaborative learning tasks help to make innovative thinking both feasible and tangible. Students develop their creative capacities alongside building interpersonal relationships, as such; the process of learning becomes a more memorable and a social endeavor!


"As a part of my first year course in college we are required to take a full year interdisciplinary course. Rivers has helped me prepare so much for this course as it is all about bringing in different subjects and applying them to our own identities and the world around us. In college, I have also referenced some of the ideas we learned in Rivers, like sense of place. I have also used skills we learn like how to work in a group for a presentation and a project. In all honesty, I think Rivers has helped me more in my first year of college than I ever thought possible."


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