Students participating in Rivers and Revolutions, often reflect that the experience helped them to academically, socially and emotionally prepare for the transition from high school to college. The skills and capacities developed and practiced throughout the semester equip them for the educational landscape of  today's higher educational institutions. The program's curriculum aligns with research from P21 – Partnership for 21st Century Learning.



The Learning Objectives of Rivers and Revolutions help students to grow and develop skills identified as necessary by P21 to succeed in the future.

We are confident that Rivers and Revolutions is aligned with 21st Century Learning objectives, and therefore is absolutely solid preparation for college. If you look at the aims of 21st Century learning, there is great emphasis placed on critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Our program excels in skill development in these four areas. Furthermore, by the end of the semester, each student is able to articulate how they are personally growing and developing their skills and capacities as a student and a person.

We frequently hear from students and parents that we provide unparalleled preparation for college interviews and applications, because our students are developing language and communication skills to describe themselves as engaged learners and empathic people. We believe that students who complete our program are well positioned to apply to institutions of higher education, and as important, prepared to attend and succeed in college, or any other future path of their choosing.


Tessa Abbot
Miami University, Ohio
Freshman Student and Soccer Player

"For my first college English essay, I was asked to write about a turning point in my life and how it changed me. I chose to write about Rivers and Revolutions. Now on my second essay, I need to pick a visual piece and analyze it, and I have picked a video we watched in Rivers called, "The Time We Have." I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much Rivers is already helping me in my first few weeks of college!"

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"P21's mission is to serve as a catalyst for 21st century learning by building collaborative partnerships among education, business, community, and government leaders so that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops."



Today’s students are moving beyond the basics and embracing the 4C’s — “super skills” for the 21st century!


Sharing thoughts, questions, ideas, and solutions

Communication is one of the key components of 21st century learning, yet it has not attracted the same level of research or attention as creativity, collaboration, or critical thinking. Communication competence involves mediated and digital communication, interpersonal, written and oral communication. As our society evolves, we cannot assume that our students will gain communication competence on their own. If educators are expected to teach students how to communicate effectively, researchers need to focus on building a stronger, more empirically grounded framework for teaching these vital skills.


Working together to reach a goal — putting talent, expertise, and smarts to work

Collaboration is increasingly mentioned as an important educational outcome and most models of 21st century education include collaboration as a key skill. The value of collaboration has been assumed for many years, and over the past two decades we have seen leading businesses and organizations move to facilitate team building and team-based work. The ability to work effectively with others has become a critically important skill for career and life success. 


Looking at problems in a new way, linking learning across subjects & disciplines

How do we think? What processes do we use to solve problems? Can these processes be learned? Although many aspects of human cognition are still a mystery, psychologists have begun to flesh out critical thinking, or the strategies we use to think in organized ways to analyze and solve problems.


Trying new approaches to get things done equals innovation & invention

Creativity is widely acknowledged to be a key 21st century skill and included in many countries’ desired college & career ready outcomes for students. Humanity has been fascinated by the creative process for millennia.


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