Closing Remarks

Dear C9,

Rivers and Revolutions is ending. By next week, “C10” will be sitting in these seats, writing down the essential questions with a confused look on their faces. Whether you are eager to re-enter the mainstream, or you are dreading it, it is important to look back at how much we have grown and learned as a family.

The three things I’ve learned the most about are learning, teaching, and myself. When I first entered Rivers, I didn’t even know what the word “interdisciplinary” even meant. To put it simply, it is learning about one topic through all the subjects of learning, rather than learning about multiple topics through one subject. I could have never known how much I would thrive in an interdisciplinary environment like Rivers. It taught me how to think creatively, ask better questions, and draw connections between seemingly unrelated content.

My understanding of interdisciplinary learning goes beyond just knowing the definition. Twice this semester I got the chance to take the reigns and teach my fellow classmates about a topic. As a part of the Thoreau School Stewardship my friends and I traveled to Thoreau School every Thursday for nine weeks and taught 4th graders how to build bridges. I had many chances to make the transition from student to teacher, and whether I was teaching about dreams, education, or bridges, I did so in an interdisciplinary way. I wasn’t even trying to do it. I just found myself wanting to teach through all the lenses of teaching. I am so immersed in this style of learning that I literally subconsciously created interdisciplinary environments.

More importantly, I’ve learned a lot about myself through Rivers. Thinking back, teaching the class must’ve been my favorite part of the semester. I love being a leader. I love having control. I love being able to make an impact upon somebody. Especially children. When we were choosing our stewardships, I immediately had my heart set on Thoreau School the moment I read it on the paper. As a camp counselor, I’ve worked with children before, and my time in Rivers confirms that there is nothing I love more than hanging out with a bunch of kids. There is a lot of pressure on all of

us at this age to “discover who we are” and “What we want to be”. Thanks to rivers, I know what I want to be. I want to be a dad.




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