Dear C14,

I’ve always been that kid looking to find purpose in everything, asking the why and the reason behind the question itself. In my classes before Rivers and Revolutions I never really felt like my questions were valid or wanted to be heard. On the first day of the rivers unit of study, the essential questions of the day read, “Does a river begin? Does it end? Where? How? Maybe?” These were exactly the kinds of questions I was searching for in my education - and it’s funny because on the first day, the first word I wrote down in my journal was “hello?”, yes with a question mark.

I recently looked back through my journal and saw “hello?” written down, and oddly enough, I responded out-load with a, “hello.” In that moment, I realized I was found. I felt found by this welcoming community who offered color and music to my questions.

Being a student who is often scared to ask for help and gets intimidated by school work, I have a hard time feeling like teachers are on my side. In Rivers, however, all of the teachers were 100% on my team, always there. The support I got from my teachers and my classmates made the environment of the classroom open to sharing pretty much anything.

I perform all the time at a local theatre but I never thought I would get up and sing in a school setting and I’m really happy that I got the opportunity and that I did it. I am proud of myself and that’s all because of the environment Rivers provided. I thank you all for not just listening with me, but for feeling with me and for letting me know that my questions are essential.

Thank you,



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